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New trends in audiovisual translation (J. Diaz Cintas)

Zuletzt aktualisiert: 30 Apr 2009

Publication date: 15 Apr 2009   

ISBN: 978-1-84769-154-5

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"New Trends in Audiovisual Translation" is an innovative and interdisciplinary collection of articles written by leading experts in the emerging field of audiovisual translation (AVT). In a highly accessible and engaging way, it introduces readers to some of the main linguistic and cultural challenges that translators encounter when translating films and other audiovisual productions. The chapters in this volume examine translation practices and experiences in various countries, highlighting how AVT plays a crucial role in shaping debates about languages and cultures in a world increasingly dependent on audiovisual media. Through analysing materials which have been dubbed and subtitled like Bridget Jones' "Diary", "Forrest Gump", and "The Simpsons or South Park", the authors raise awareness of current issues in the study of AVT and offer new insights on this complex and vibrant area of the translation discipline.

New Trends in Audiovisual Translation is going to be a classic. This is a must read, a prime example of solid scholarship and academic writing in this relatively young branch of Translation Studies. Jorge Diaz Cintas's lucid introduction offers a rare insight into the roots of AVT research, as well as its almost limitless but challenging future potential. The articles in the collection cover judiciously selected topics that constitute the core of AVT research and, indeed, Translation Studies today. AVT research emerges as a truly interdisciplinary research domain of great scientific and social relevance.
Aline Remael, Professor of Audiovisual Translation and Translation Studies, Artesis University College, Antwerp, Belgium

Essential reading for all those interested in Audiovisual Translation, this volume contains relevant material of considerable interest to anyone looking for a broad understanding of this emerging field. The comprehensive and updated introduction written by the editor and the remarkable selection of innovative and exciting articles make this stimulating contribution a valuable and helpful tool that will appeal to researchers, teachers and students interested in this dynamic field of translation.
Frederic Chaume, Professor of Audiovisual Translation, Universitat Jaume I, Spain

Author Biography:
Jorge Diaz Cintas is Senior Lecturer in Translation at Imperial College London. He is the author of numerous articles and books on subtitling, including Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling (co-written with Aline Remael, 2007), Media for All (co-edited, 2007), The Didactics of Audiovisual Translation (edited, 2008) and Audiovisual Translation: Language Transfer on Screen (co-edited, 2008). Since 2002, he has been the president of the European Association for Studies in Screen Translation. He is a member of the international research group TransMedia.
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