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The Translator as Mediator of Cultures (H. Tonkin, M. E. Frank)

Zuletzt aktualisiert: 8 Aug 2010

University of Hartford



John Benjamins Publishing, 2010

ISBN: 978 90 272 2834 5

If it is bilingualism that transfers information and ideas from culture to culture, it is the translator who systematizes and generalizes this process. The translator serves as a mediator of cultures. In this collection of essays, based on a conference held at the University of Hartford, a group of individuals – professional translators, linguists, and literary scholars – exchange their views on translation and its power to influence literary traditions and to shape cultural and economic identities. The authors explore the implications of their views on the theory and craft of translation, both written and oral, in an era of unsettling globalizing forces.

Table of contents