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Cognitive Aspects of Multilingualism/Germany, August 8th - 19th, 2016

Zuletzt aktualisiert: 24 Mar 2016

The summer academy will focus on the various relations between multilingualism and cognition: Firstly, the cognitive and neuronal foundations of multilinguals will be addressed, such as the mental representation of the respective language systems and their interdependence, or models of the mental lexicon. Secondly, psycholinguistic aspects of code-switching and code-mixing will be discussed, e.g. triggering and various aspects of transfer. A third focus will be on the consequences of bi- and multilingualism on the speaker’s cognitive system, such as increased metalinguistic awareness and enhanced executive functions.Advanced Master and PhD students with a linguistic background and a thorough interest in cognitive aspects of multilingualism will have the opportunity to participate in classes held by prominent experts as well as discuss their own research projects.Among the speakers are:

  • Prof. Dr. Kees de Bot (University of Groningen, University of Pannonia) 
  • Dr. Vít Dovalil (Charles University Prague)
  • Prof. Dr. Rita Franceschini (Free University of Bolzano) 
  • Prof. Dr. Erzsébet Knipf-Komlósi (ELTE Budapest) 
  • Prof. Dr. Claudia Maria Riehl (LMU Munich) 
  • Prof. Dr. Monika Schmid (University of Essex) 
  • Prof. Dr. Marjolijn Verspoor (University of Groningen)

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