Migration, Multilingualism and Education - Critical Perspectives on Inclusion

Zuletzt aktualisiert: 15 Jul 2021

Edited by: Latisha Mary, Ann-Birte Krüger, Andrea S. Young

Multilingual Matters, 30th June 2021, ISBN: 9781800412934

This book explores the question of how equitable and inclusive education can be implemented in heterogeneous classes where learners' languages and cultures reflect the social reality of mass migration and everyday plurilingualism. The book brings together researchers and practitioners working in inclusive teaching and learning in a variety of migration contexts from pre-school to university. The book opens with an exploration of the relationship between language ideologies and policies with respect to the inclusion of learners for whom the language of education is not the language spoken in the home. The following section focuses on innovative pedagogical practices which allow migrants to be socially, culturally and institutionally included at school and at university while using their plurilingual competences as resources for learning/teaching and allowing them to fully realise their potential.

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