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La Politique Linguistique de l'Etat de New York/The Language Policy of New York

Zuletzt aktualisiert: 10 Jan 2011

Université Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle

Ghislain Potrique, 2009

Dissertation Director: Jean-Michel Lacroix 

Dissertation Abstract:

In the first part, this study analyzes the institutional framework in which American language policies are elaborated; the Constitution of the United States and its amendments appear to play a major role in their elaboration. Since the adoption of national language policies in the 1960's, federal influence has grown further. However, the language policy of the United

States remains incomplete. The language policy of the State of New York, which is studied in the second chapter, supplements it by intervening in the fields of education and voting rights mainly. The language policy of New York is determined on the one hand by a structural City-State antagonism, and on the other hand by the activism of Puerto Ricans who mobilized to assert their language rights. The last chapter of this study consists of a

case-study; forty semi-conducted interviews were carried out with Russian-speaking immigrants. As a whole, they stress the importance of retraining in the language acquisition process.