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Communiqué for the topic “Culture”

Last Updated: 24 May 2016

Communiqué for « Culture »


Europe is not only an economic power, it also has a special cultural influence : its languages such as French, Spanish or English are spoken by hundreds of thousands outside Europe.

The round table “Cultural ecology and creativity” has discussed the issue of linguistic and ethno-linguistic diversity in Italy. The aim is to enhance the local linguistic and environmental identities with the creation of a national network of linguistic minorities who propose tourist tours and specialised agri-tourism.

Europe must recover its diversity, after the national constructions of the 19th century that tried to reduce it in favour of “dominant” languages.

The first two round tables discussed literary creation from the angle of multilingualism and of course translation. This means not only a help to creation, but also creativity on the part of the literary translators.

The literary space has always been multilingual. So plurilingualism in literature is not limited to openly plurilingual work : all of them more or less are. They contribute thus to the edification of a world literature.

As for translation, it contributes to this world literature and very often on the initiative of translators. As contact between languages is universal, translation is at the bottom of any comparison between languages and any claim to their equal dignity.

Of course, the creators have had their say, in different languages : Frédéric Dumont’s Glossolalie was presented as a cultural show as well as a concert by singers who were Armenian, Italian and Spanish.

Propositions :


  1. Create a prize for non-European authors (writers, scientists or translators) who have made a major contribution to European culture.

  2. Allow the European publishers to receive special grants for translation (between European languages or to a European language).

  3. Support the publication of bilingual translations because they respect plurilingualism and help learning.

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Communiqué for the topic “Culture”

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