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Policy Dialogue on Language (PDL) in Pakistan

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2016

Source: IPOL, p

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October 25, 26 and 27, 2016

Air University in collaboration with the

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan

Introduction to PDL

Pakistan lacks a comprehensive national language policy. This has resulted in a gradual deterioration of regional languages and local culture, and contributed to increased inequality in large areas of the country, where people are disadvantaged by the enforcement of non-native languages in educational institutions. 
Another feature in Pakistan is the de-facto adoption of English as the official language of the country. This runs contrary to the intent of Pakistan’s 1973 Constitution, which requires official communications to be in Urdu. The recent ruling of Supreme Court of Pakistan for implementation of Urdu as a language for official communication is expected to have a vast impact on Pakistani society and commerce.
The Policy Dialogue aims to bring together linguists, educationists, and industry representatives to draft recommendations for Pakistan’s first National Language Policy. The Policy will feature a section on mediums of instruction in education, and contain guidelines to adopt the Supreme Court’s decision. 
The Policy Dialogue will take the form of focus-group sessions and will include talks on the role of English in Pakistan, translation concerns and the importance of regional languages. Continuar lendo