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Identité et diversité culturelle et linguistique - Bibliographie

The Complexity of Identity and Interaction in Language Education

Last Updated: 30 Aug 2020

Psychology of Language Learning and Teaching

Edited by: Nathanael Rudolph, Ali Fuad Selvi, Bedrettin Yazan

Multilingual Matters, 7th August 2020, ISBN 9781788927413

This book addresses two critical calls pertaining to language education. Firstly, for attention to be paid to the transdisciplinary nature and complexity of learner identity and interaction in the classroom and secondly, for the need to attend to conceptualizations of and approaches to manifestations of (in)equity in the sociohistorical contexts in which they occur. Collectively, the chapters envision classrooms and educational institutions as sites both shaping and shaped by larger (trans)communal negotiations of being and belonging, in which individuals affirm and/or problematize essentialized and idealized nativeness and community membership. The volume, comprised of chapters contributed by a diverse array of researcher-practitioners living, working and/or studying around the globe, is intended to inform, empower and inspire stakeholders in language education to explore, potentially reimagine, and ultimately critically and practically transform, the communities in which they live, work and/or study.

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