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Littérature et plurilinguisme - Colloques

Call for Papers - Seventh International Conference at Feng Chia University

Last Updated: 16 Jan 2020

Innovation in Theory and Praxis: Foreign Languages and Literature Teaching 

Dear colleagues, you are invited to submit your research to our 2020 conference. Please refer to the information below. We have the honor to invite Professor Averil Coxhead from School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, as one of our keynote speakers.

 Conference Organizer: Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Feng Chia University

Conference Date: October 17, 2020 (Saturday)

Venue: Feng Chia University

Conference Topics:

  1. English as a Second Official Language or Lingua Franca
  2. Interdisciplinary Approaches to TEFL/Foreign Language Teaching
  3. New Technologies and Language Teaching (e.g. Artificial Intelligence)
  4. Literature, Culture, and Language Teaching
  5. Literature and Culture Studies
  6. Translation and Interpretation Studies
  7. New Teaching and Assessment Approaches (e.g. CDIO, Problem-Based Learning,


  1. Other Relevant Topics 


一、 英文作為第二官方或全球通用語言
二、 英外語文教學與其他學門之間的整合
三、 新科技及語文教學 (如人工智慧與語文學習)
四、 文學、文化,及語文教學
五、 文學和文化研究
六、 口筆譯研究及教學
七、 創新教學及評量方法 (CDIO,如問題導向之學習、跨語實踐)
八、 其他相關議題



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