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Langues et entreprise - Bibliographie

A Collection of articles from the Journal of International Business Studies archive, concerning Language.

Last Updated: 6 Nov 2015

Language in its various forms including national, corporate, technical, electronic, official, unofficial, lies at the heart of international business activities. Its features and functions define hierarchies and power relations sometimes facilitating sometimes hindering key IB processes such as integration and knowledge sharing across contexts. Understanding the complex interplay between the multiple facets of language and how they affect day-to-day business operations is becoming increasingly critical to global effectiveness.

Traditionally linked with communication or seen as an artifact of national culture in IB research, language has recently enjoyed a focus in its own right from multidisciplinary perspectives to render the field more sensitive to the existence and influence of languages and language use in the global corporate context.

Embracing different conceptual trajectories to inform their work, researchers have taken a variety of distinct focuses on language including understanding the effects of language on knowledge-sharing and innovation, the effect of English as a lingua franca in MNCs and the alternatives of a multi-lingua franca, the influences of language requirements on job performance, opportunities for promotion, as well as training and development, bilingualism and the role of biculturals in global teams.

To catalyze and set a course for the development of language as a new domain in IB scholarship, we recently ran a JIBS special issue on the theme of The Multifaceted Role of Language in International Business. To encourage the further articulation and theorization of language as a key construct in international business, we are pleased to offer this special Collection of JIBS articles concerned with understanding the forms, functions and features of language as they relate to IB.

Mary Yoko Brannen Deputy Editor, Journal of International Business Studies

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