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Webinar “Fostering digital citizenship through language education”

Last Updated: 20 Jun 2021

The e-lang citizen project will offer a free bilingual (English and French) webinar on Tuesday 22 June 2021, from 17:00 – 18.15 (CEST).

  • What is a digital citizen?
  • How does digital citizenship education link up with language education? 
  • What type of digital language tasks can support learners to become digital citizens?

If you have ever asked or tried to answer any of these questions, this webinar, which takes place within the activities of the current European Centre for Modern Languages’ project “Digital citizenship through language education” (e-lang citizen), will be of interest to you.

Primarily targeted at language teachers and teacher trainers, the webinar will propose a profile of a digital citizen as a user of languages and digital technology, based on the analysis of around one hundred recently published texts containing a definition of the “digital citizen” or identifying elements constituting digital citizenship.

The links between digital citizenship education and language education – social interaction and communication skills, plurilingual competences and mediation– will be explored during the event.

Within the project, the coordinating team, from 5 different countries, aims to establish a database, providing concrete and practical learning activities and tasks for developing digital citizenship in the language classroom. The webinar will offer a look into the initial materials created. Participants will find also out how they can further engage with the project.

Please register here by 21 June 2021