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Plurilinguisme et mondialisation - Bibliographie

Unpacking Discourses on Chineseness: The Cultural Politics of Language and Identity in Globalizing China

Last Updated: 10 Oct 2021

Edited by: Shuang Gao, Xuan Wang

Multilingual Matters, 9th Sep 2021, ISBN: 9781800413825

This book examines the complexity of Chineseness in China and the Chinese diaspora. Using critical sociolinguistic and discourse analytical approaches, the chapters reveal the power dynamics and ideologies underlying the varied ways Chineseness is performed, represented and contested. Together they highlight four perspectives on Chineseness: the multiplicity of Chineseness, aspirational Chineseness, chronotopes of Chineseness and the cultural politics of Chineseness. It is argued that Chineseness is best understood as an ideologically-constructed variable, the articulation of which is deeply embedded within the dynamics of neoliberal globalization, rising nationalism, persistent Western hegemony, and shifting global geopolitics.