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New book: Multilingualism, (Im)mobilities and Spaces of Belonging

Last Updated: 20 Oct 2019

Edited by: Kristine Horner, Jennifer Dailey-O'Cain

Published 27 September 2019, Multilingual Matters, ISBN:9781788925068

Certain forms of mobility and multilingualism tend to be portrayed as problematic in the public sphere, while others are considered to be unremarkable. Divided into three thematic sections, this book explores the contestation of spaces and the notion of borders, examines the ways in which heritage and authenticity are linked or challenged, and interrogates the intersections between mobility and hierarchies and the ways that language can be linked to notions of belonging and aspirations for mobility. Based on fieldwork in Africa, Asia, Australasia and Europe, it explores how language functions as both site of struggle and as a means of overcoming struggle. This volume will be of particular interest to scholars taking ethnographic and critical sociolinguistic approaches to the study of language and belonging in the context of globalisation. More information available here... >>>>>