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Enabling Bi-literacy Patterns in Ethiopian Immigrant Families in Israel: A Socio-Educational Challenge

Last Updated: 22 Dec 2019

Source: ELSE - Éducation en langues secondes et étrangères - Rencontres entre acteurs du bi-plurilinguisme

Anat Stavans, Professeure au Beit Berl College, Kfar Saba, en Israël, 23 octobre 2019

This presentation explores the role that languages and literacy practices play in Ethiopian immigrant families transposed to Israel as part of Israel’s family language policy (FLP), by examining parental perspectives on their respective L1 and L2 usages, in both parents’ and children’s lives, as well as by examining the home literacy provisions supporting children’s literacy development. 

The presentation consists of two interrelated parts. The first part will present the study that profiles 67 Ethiopian immigrant families, and describes the factors affecting home and school literacy patterns, assessing usage and attitude in L1 and L2 proficiency, as well as families’ literacy-driven discourse practices. The findings of this study indicate that Ethiopian parents engage in their children’s educational and social life until first grade, when they relinquish the maintenance of L1 in favor of a yet incomplete L2. Furthermore, the results of this study indicate that although both Ethiopian and non-Ethiopian parents have different extended discourses and perhaps even discursive preferences, the form and function of these discourses coincide with those needed or assumed for successful development of scholastic literacy. Read more... >>>>>