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Plurilinguisme et migrations - Colloques

International conference “Shared Language: Integration through Multilingualism”

Last Updated: 7 Oct 2019

Registration opened today for an international conference entitled “Shared Language: Integration through Multilingualism”, which is being held in Tallinn on 14 & 15 November. The conference will bring together recognised experts from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Latvia, Denmark, Norway, Germany and Estonia to explore identity, education and labour market issues in the light of multilingualism.

The two-day event will feature discussion panels and workshops in which experts, researchers, policy-shapers and participants will debate a range of topics, including family migration, adapting to a new living environment, integration plans, multilingualism, the loss of a person’s first language and how this can be prevented.

To view the programme and register for the conference, go to the event’s website. Attendance is free of charge but requires advance registration.

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