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New book: The Listening Bilingual - Speech Perception, Comprehension, and Bilingualism

Last Updated: 9 Jan 2019

François Grosjean, Krista Byers-Heinlein

ISBN: 978-1-118-83577-7

October 2018


264 Pages

A vital resource on speech and language processing in bilingual adults and children

The Listening Bilingual brings together in one volume the various components of spoken language processing in bilingual adults, infants and children.

The book includes a review of speech perception and word recognition; syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic aspects of speech processing; the perception and comprehension of bilingual mixed speech (code-switches, borrowings and interferences); and the assessment of bilingual speech perception and comprehension in adults and children in the clinical context.

The two main authors as well as selected guest authors, Mark Antoniou, Theres Grüter, Robert J. Hartsuiker, Elizabeth D. Peña and Lisa M. Bedore, and Lu-Feng Shi, introduce the various approaches used in the study of spoken language perception and comprehension in bilingual individuals. The authors focus on experimentation

that involves both well-established tasks and newer tasks, as well as techniques used in brain imaging.

This important resource:

  • Is the first of its kind to concentrate specifically on spoken language processing in bilingual adults and children.
  • Offers a unique text that covers both fundamental and applied research in bilinguals.
  • Covers a range of topics including speech perception, spoken word recognition, higher level processing, code-switching, and assessment.
  • Presents information on the assessment of bilingual children’s language development

Written for advanced undergraduate students in linguistics, cognitive science, psychology, and speech/language pathology as well as researchers, The Listening Bilingual offers a state-of-the-art review of the recent developments and approaches in speech and language processing in bilingual people of all ages.

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