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Langues et migrations

The Importance Of Multilingualism In America

Last Updated: 16 Apr 2018

Dedicated to everyone a part of the "English-only" movement.

Source: Odyssey, Georgette Rivera

Having grown up in a Puerto Rican household, the Spanish language was frequently spoken between my family members. I understood all that I heard, but my ability to communicate fluently in Spanish was minimal. Once I entered high school, I decided that I wanted to further my education and knowledge of the language I was accustomed to hearing by taking Spanish courses. After four years of having studied Spanish, my appreciation for not only the Spanish language but all languages grew immensely, making me feel privileged to be able to call myself bilingual. I knew that by being able to communicate in another language, I was immersing myself in a world of culture like none other. I, myself, was opposing the bigoted English-Only movement in America. Read more... >>>>>