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Neuerscheinung: Integrierte Sprachbildung im Fach Kunst

Ultima modifica: 19 Nov 2020

Eine Studie zur Sekundarstufe I, Klasse 5

Series: DaZ-Forschung [DaZ-For], 22

De Gruyter Mouton | 2021 ISBN: 978-3-11-068694-4

Integrated Language Learning in the Art Class: A Study of Secondary Level I, Grade 5

If language education is an endeavor relevant to all fields of learning, then the question arises as to what contribution the subject of art can make. This volume discusses how selected current approaches to language education can be reconciled with existing art education guidelines. It is based on a two-year study of fifth graders (aged 10 to 12) with remedial language learning needs

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