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5th International Conference "Crossroads of Languages and Cultures"

Ultima modifica: 25 Set 2017

The Centre for Intercultural and Migration Studies of the Department of Primary Education/CERS of the University of Crete, Greece organizes the 5th International Conference ‘Crossroads of Languages and Cultures’ (CLC5) with the cooperation of Polydromο (http://www.polydromo.gr). Τhe theme for CLC5 is Languages and Cultures at Home and at School’ as we wish to bring together scholars investigating the complex interplay between these two ‘spaces’ and how they affect the development of bicultural and bilingual development among students of minority or immigrant background. In particular we would like to bring to the fore transformative and empowering theoretical models and pedagogical practices, implemented either at school or at unofficial sites of learning, such as complementary schools, family and faith settings.

The 5th Crossroads of Languages and Cultures will take place at the city of Rethymno, Crete (Gallou University Campus) on 1-3 June 2018. Contributions are welcome in Greek and English.

Submission of proposals will take place in September 2017 (1st– 30th) via an online platform (available at https://clc5.ediamme.edc.uoc.gr/papers). Proposals will be blindly reviewed by members of the Scientific Committee on the basis of the following criteria: relevance of topic, clarity and originality of research, scientific contribution.

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