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International Conference Bilingualism and interculturality: challenges, limits and solutions. Call for papers

Mis à jour : 30 Jui 2018

November, 29th 2018 to November, 30th 2018

Edificio Humanidades
Pº Senda del Rey, 9
Ciudad Universitaria. Madrid

The conference provisional programme will be published on September 17th, 2018

Over the last decade an array of bilingual programmes has been implemented in Spain and other European countries, each of them with different approaches and in different contexts. At the same time a number of conferences and research seminars have analysed the advances in and advantages of bilingual education regardless of cost. Despite the foregoing, few critical voices have been raised in academic contexts to analyse the real impact of bilingualism in schools and its repercussions for student and teacher needs as well as the school management challenge it creates. There is also a lack of correlation between what families know about bilingualism, what they think about bilingual education, and what they expect from bilingual programs.

This conference attempts not only to analyse more deeply what we know about bilingualism and interculturality but also to stimulate alternatives to the well-documented weaknesses of bilingual education, which have so far been identified more often by the press than by academia. This conference will focus on the lack of development in oral communicative skills and the significance of teaching specialized and technical vocabulary in secondary education which, while useful for dealing with academic subjects, has little impact on general oral communication. The conference will also discuss the danger of not attaining adequate communicative skills in the first language, the absence of intercultural contents or aims, the inadequacy of teaching resources, etc.

This conference sets out to be a forum for a critical analysis and discussion of the aforementioned weaknesses and seeks to provide alternatives which will help solve these and other problems.

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