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Linguistic Ideology Discourse and Multilingualism; 42. Austrian Linguistics Conference (call for papers)

Ultima actualizare: 16 Iul 2016

Call Deadline: 21st August 2016

Meeting Description:

Ideologies of linguistic and cultural homogeneity and/or political and economic circumstances of colonialism continue to affect linguistic practices and linguistic constellations in various regions of the world. Nevertheless, linguistic ideology discourses in Francophone, Anglophone, Hispanophone, Lusophone, Germanophone or other areas marked by an intensive language contact and migration demonstrate considerable contradictions between the eco-linguistic macro- and micro-level, i.e. between a broader level of the speech community and particular speaker groups or individual speakers. These contradictions result from the modification or even dismantling of traditional epistemological systems and linguistic norms and values (Freeland 2006, Patzelt 2015, Schneider 2016). The cultural and linguistic polyphony successfully handled by plurilingual speakers in their everyday practice is confronted by socio-cultural inequalities, frequently inherited from colonial times, by the ideal of a homogeneous nation/ state as well as by “linguistic imperialism”, a result of globalized communication. The differences between official and everyday linguistic ideologies appear to be especially considerable in those contexts where contact phenomena, such as code-switching, blur the borders between speech communities.

Considering the sparseness of contrastive studies on these issues, our workshop addresses questions of “how” and “where exactly” multilingualism is negotiated in plurilingual communities, with a particular focus on institutional, media, and other social spheres and formats of interaction. One of the guiding questions is whether and to what extent official ideologies and ideologies of ordinary speakers coincide or conflict and thus can be interpreted as “power differences”. Particular emphasis is put on the role of concrete eco-linguistic settings, established communicative practices, and “ideology brokers” involved (Blommaert 1999).

Call for Papers:

Workshop ''Linguistic ideology discourse and multilingualism'' at the 42. Austrian Linguistics Conference 2016, Graz

We welcome proposals regarding theoretical and practical aspects of linguistic ideology discourses in modern plurilingual and migration communities, especially (but not exclusively) concerning the following aspects:

- Speakers’ attitudes to language contact phenomena, such as code switching, code mixing, language crossing, mixed languages, creoles, interlanguage, etc.
- Linguistic ideologies in public (media) discourse and their impact on individuals’ linguistic practice in everyday interaction
- Local linguistic ideologies in the contexts of migration and diaspora
- Language as an instrument of ethnic, social, and cultural differentiation
- Examples of semiotic processes that produce, assess, and propagate conceptualisations of “language.''

Please send your abstracts (1 page, about 300 words) to the following email addresses: alla.klimenkowaphil.uni-goettingen.de and uta.helfrichphil.uni-goettingen.de before August 31, 2016. Acceptance will be notified by the beginning of September. Presentations of papers should not exceed 20 minutes; 10 minutes are planned for discussion. The languages of the workshop are English, Spanish, and French.