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Call for papers: Languages of Africa: Traditions and Perspectives (17-20 October, Moscaw)

Ultima actualizare: 5 Feb 2017

Call deadline: 20th February 2017

On October 17–20, 2017 the Institute of Africa RAS will be convening the 14th Africanists Conference in Moscow. Within the framework of this Conference the Department of African Languages of the Istitute of Linguistics RAS will host the section on African languages and linguistics “Languages of Africa: Traditions and Perspectives”.

The section will actually cover the whole research range of African linguistics:

- Typological and cross-linguistically oriented studies in the vocabulary and grammar of African languages
- Comparative and historical studies of African languages
- Issues in genealogical classification of African languages
- Dialectal and areal studies of African languages
- Sociolinguistic problems of Africa
- Language contact in Africa.

Call for Papers:

Applications should be submitted before February 20 2017 to conf_africamail.ru.

The application should contain:

- Presentation abstract (no more than 300 words in English or in Russian)
- The full name of the author(s)
- Degree, position and affiliation
- Postal address and e-mail, phone and fax numbers.

Attending participants are kindly requested to keep the language examples to the minimum, especially those with complicated transcription or graphics.

The organizing committee of the section shall reserve its right to select the presentations.

Regrettably, the Organizing Committees of the Section and of the Conference cannot afford to financially support the participants. Please, let us know in advance if you need any help in booking a hotel accommodation in Moscow.

The Section Moderators:

Victor Ya. Porkhomovsky
Andrey B. Shluinsky

the Organizing Committee members:

Antonina I. Koval
Maria A. Kossogorova.