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Call for papers: Multilingual Urban Space: Policy, Identity, Education

Ultima actualizare: 30 Ian 2020

10-12 April 2020, Moscow, Russia

Call deadline: February 16th, 2020

Conference website: https://hum.hse.ru/en/dopf/mus/2020/

The conference ''Multilingual urban space: policy, identity, education'' is an annual event held every year within the framework of the ''April international conference on economic and social development'', organized by the National Research University Higher School of Economics.
Rapid processes of globalization, internationalization of commerce, on the one hand and lack of economic opportunities, as well as local and international conflicts on the other, have intensified the movement of population across the globe.

A number of recent studies (see, for example, Blommaert, 2003, Rampton et al,
2015; Taylor-Leech and Liddicoat, 2014; Smackam and Heinrich, 2018 among others) have tried to capture and explain the dynamic multilingual character of cities from sociolinguistic, historical, educational and socio-political standpoints.

Invited plenary speakers:
1. Dr. Marilena Karyolemou (University of Cyprus)
2. Dr. Ekaterina Gruzdeva (University of Helsinki)

The conference will be held at the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE).

1. Blommaert, J. (2003). Commentary: A sociolinguistics of globalization. Journal of Sociolinguistics 7(4): 607-623.
2. Rampton, B., J. Blommaert, K. Arnaut and M. Spotti (2015). Superdiversity and Sociolinguistics. Working Papers in Urban Language & Literacies 152.
3. Smakman, D. and Heinrich, P. (eds.) (2018). Urban sociolinguistics: The city as a linguistic process and experience. London: Routledge.
4. Taylor-Leech, K. and Liddicoat, A. J. (2014). Macro-language planning for multilingual education: Focus on programmes and provisions. Current Issues in Language Planning, 15(4): 353-360.

Call for Papers:

The primary goal of the conference is to examine the factors that contribute to the linguistic diversity and the theoretical developments in the dynamics of language/culture contact taking place within and between different ethnic groups in the city-space.

We expect that this conference will bring together scholars working in various fields of linguistics to discuss issues related (but not limited) to language in the city, such as:

Language policy/planning
Linguistic landscape
Language maintenance/shift
Minority language (in)visibility
Identity negotiation/construction
Language ideologies

We invite abstracts of no more than 500 words (including references) till 16 February 2020. Abstracts should be submitted through HSE's online system following the link https://hum.hse.ru/en/dopf/mus/2020/