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Call for papers: Issues of Multilingualism in Early Childhood Education: Zero to Six

Ultima actualizare: 26 Apr 2015

Deadline: 04-May-2015

Multilingualism in early childhood education is under-investigated, nevertheless researchers with an interest in this area of childhood development are beginning to publish, network and share their interest. With a view to supporting this emerging field and creating a bridge between the disciplines of early childhood education and language education, this international research conference focuses on the development of two or more languages in the home or at school by children from birth to 6 years old – the conference aims to focus on research into aspects of L1 and L2 language development in contexts of awareness of languages, additional languages, foreign languages, second languages, bilingual education and immersion. Aimed at scholars and PhD students investigating the field and practitioners involved in research e.g. action research, presentations will provide a meaningful forum for debate and collaboration between novice and experienced researchers. The conference organizers expect to receive papers from research into childhood multilingualism in educational contexts from around the world.

Organized around a format that allows for participants to engage in discussion, presentations will be for 30 minutes with a 10-minute question time and grouped around commonalities. The objective will be to provide participants with the opportunity to build a collective understanding of issues with opportunities to reflect upon and debate common concerns as well as contribute to theory building in relation to multilingualism in early childhood education.

Plenary Speakers:
Professor Emeritus Jim Cummins (University of Toronto)
Professor Iram Siraj-Blatchford (Institute of Education, London)

Call for Papers:
Abstracts for papers and posters are requested which investigate issues related to:

- L1 and L2 acquisition / development studies in multilingual contexts
- National policies on early multilingualism
- Country case studies
- Methodologies and approaches to multilingualism in early childhood education
- Evaluation of resources to support multilingualism in early childhood education
- Teacher education for early childhood multilingualism
- Transition between pre-primary and primary education
- The role of parents in early childhood multilingual contexts

Please send a title, abstract, short biography and email contact to reyll_roma2015uniroma3.it by May 04, 2015.

- Title should be no longer than 12 words with an indication as to whether it is a poster or a paper presentation.
- Abstract should be 500 words and indicate the contextualization and theoretical framework, aims and questions, methodology, (preliminary) findings and implications.
- Biography should be 150 words long and include name and affiliation.

Notification of acceptance of proposals will be made by June 30, 2015.

Organizing Committee:
Lucilla Lopriore (Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy)
Carla Bagna (Department for Research and Didactics, Università per Stranieri, Siena, Italy)
Sandie Mourão (REYLL network / Universidade Nova, Lisbon, Portugal)