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Conséquence imprévue du Brexit : Le turc deviendra-t-il un jour une langue officielle de l'UE ? (Euractiv)

Ultima actualizare: 25 Iul 2018

https://www.euractiv.com/section/languages-culture/news/official-eu-language-status-evades-turkish/ ([EPA/ Katia Christodoulou])

In early 2016, Cyprus asked the EU to recognise Turkish as an official language, in an attempt to boost its reunification process. Over one year later, this request has made little headway.

In February 2016, Greek-Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades wrote to the Dutch Presidency of the EU asking for Turkish to be recognised as the bloc’s 25th official language.

Reunification talks between the two halves of the Mediterranean island are still ongoing and Anastasiades hoped securing official status for Turkish would advance the negotiations.

It is estimated over 300,000 people live in Northern Cyprus and the population is almost entirely Turkish-speaking. The Greek-Cypriot president’s request at the time suggested that a reunification deal was in the offing.

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