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Last Updated: 9 Sep 2006

The European Observatory for Plurilingualism

The European Observatory for Plurilingualism a structure of mutualisation and cooperation between partners working for plurilingualism, was founded during the first European Conference on Plurilingualism, which took place in Paris on 24th, and 25th November 2005.

The principle of the Conference was to gather decision-makers, researchers and members of the civil society in a same process in order to clearly ask the linguistic questions within their political, cultural, economical and social stakes at the level of the European Institutions and at the level of each of the member states.

A European Charter of Plurilingualism has also been set up after the 1st Conference. This Charter is now available to be signed by the citizens of the European countries. This document will be lodged with the various European and national instances in the form of a petition during the 2nd European Conference. It can be accompanied by projects of legal or ruling documents.

In between Conferences, the EOP will take part to many events and will undertake several actions.

The EOP, as an observatory, answers to the features of an observatory. It has an active role. It gathers information from a network of partners, which it analyses. It published or makes references to articles and existing studies. It produces original articles and can conduct studies. It elaborates strategies, which it suggests to the various actors in the field of languages and plurilingualism.

Such is the spirit of the project explained hereunder.