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The project - Aims

Last Updated: 9 Sep 2006


As expressed in the Statutes of the Observatory, the aims are as follow:

  • Support the linguistic diversity of the European Union in all its political, administrative, economical, social and cultural components
  • Further the emergence of an active European citizenship based on the understanding of European languages and cultures
  • Promote, through plurilingualism, the cultural diversity, the foundation of every creativity, the exchange and respect of the other, a basis for a peaceful progress
  • Contribute to the prejudice against xenophobia and aggressive linguistic communitarianism through the promotion of plurilingualism and interculturality
  • Create collaborations for the conduct of events and research on the same matters
  • Contribute to a collaborative Internet website whose missions are the following:


  • Build up a European and multilingual data base on languages and plurilingualism
  • Be a direct publication site for feature articles on languages and plurilingualism
  • Be a source of information and exchange for the civil society on the various components concerned by the linguistic questions, namely: families, teachers, companies, workers…
  • Further the coupling of scientific research and civil society
  • Publish an electronic newsletter.