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The project - Structure of the site

Last Updated: 9 Sep 2006

Structure of the site

The structure of the data base is as follows:

Content columns (vertical)

4 main fieds:

  • Education (from kindergarten to higher level and adults training)

  • Economy and social

  • Cultural

  • International

Each fieds must cover 3 levels of information

  • Inventory of fixtures

  • Politics

  • Events

Generally speaking, there will be only one site with one content and not different contents for the various countries. Information will have to cover a maximum of countries, however the information per country will be the fields themselves. The contents will be published in their original language and the languages in which they would have been translated. However, the  headings will be in each language.

Tools lines (horizontal)

  • The project (aims, missions, areas, means, organisation, statutes, action plans) 
  • Who are we?

  • Supporting

  • Directions to use

  • Contact

  • Site map

Beyond the site itself, the public aimed at in particular is:


  • The Parents 
  • The Teachers

  • The Politicians

  • The Companies

  • Les responsables politiques

  • Les entreprises

  • Les médias