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The project - Economic model

Last Updated: 9 Sep 2006

Economic model

The Observatory is utilizing an economic model inspiring itself from the principles of the economy of free software combining both voluntarism and professionalism.

The Observatory is first and foremost a platform for the pooling of the actors of plurilingualism.

As an Internet website, for the general public, it is a classic Internet site, some kind of window or documentary base on plurilingualism and interculturality. However for people who register on the site (different from being a member of the association, which implies a registration and the payment of a fee), it is a collaborative site on which there are many operational means to take part to build it. 

The Observatory is independent from any political, economic, union or professional organisation. The Observatory depends only on its founding members and partners. 

  • The humane and financial resources do the Observatory lie on:
  • Its subscribers
  • The voluntarism. In addition to the necessary volunteer work of the EOP, it also employs one part-time person, speaking four languages, who is doing watch on the Internet, coordinates the networks of correspondents and translators, and does most the updates on the site
  • The support of public organisations
  • The possible support of companies through patronage
  • The call to tender, on its own or in a consortium. In this case, the works are paid
  • The service delivery in direct relation with its competency field
  • The carrying out of partnerships with associations, unions, secondary and higher level education, research centre, medias. These partnerships are legalised with conventions.