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The project - Approach

Last Updated: 9 Sep 2006


Since the first Conference in November 2005, the Observatory committed itself in an approach in three big steps:

1st step: launch (June-December 2006)

  • Registration of the statutes of the EOP
  • Organisation of partnership with at least three associations in 3 different European countries
  • Construction of a new Internet website
  • Setting up of the base editorial team
  • Publication of the Newsletter
  • Starting to prepare the 2nd Conference: place, date, theme
  • Press conference (November) on the three themes: publication of the book, start of the site, launch of the petition on the charter, introduction of the 2nd Conference.

2nd step: expansion

  • Call for interest to develop the network of correspondents at European level
  • Organisation of the petition about the Charter
  • Drafting of the project of the 2nd Conference
  • Launch of the 2nd Conference (September 2007)

3rd step:

  • 2nd Conference : Berlin 18-19 june 2009
  • 3rd Conference : Rome 10-12 october 2012