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Multilingualism and the New Language Technologies in XXI Century (Claudio Menezes)

Zuletzt aktualisiert: 21 Sep 2015

Abstract: The article presents the concept of linguistic vitality and its attributes, the new language technologies and raises some questions on the situation of Portuguese as regards linguistic vitality indicators. On the basis of such an analysis, the author elaborates some reflections and formulates some proposals to enlarge Portuguese linguistic vitality in the digital world.

Keywords: Linguistic vitality, multilingualism in cyberspace, language technologies, indicators


The current "Belas Infiéis" issue (v. 4. n. 1 (2015) with articles in French, English and Poretuguese is freely accessible at:


"Belas Infiéis" is a Journal published by University of Brasilia Post-Graduate Translation Studies. It publishes articles in different languages (French, Portuguese, Spanish, English).