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New Book: Remix Multilingualism - Hip Hop, Ethnography and Performing Marginalized Voices

Zuletzt aktualisiert: 28 Okt 2017

By: Quentin Williams

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Published: 21-09-2017 by Bloomsbury Publishing

Format: Hardback

Edition: 1st

Extent: 264

ISBN: 9781472591111

Imprint: Bloomsbury Academic

Series: Advances in Sociolinguistics

"Remixing multilingualism" is conceptualised in this book as engaging in the linguistic act of using, combining and manipulating multilingual forms. It is about creating new ways of 'doing' multilingualism through cultural acts and identities and involving a process that invokes bricolage. This book is an ethnographic study of multilingual remixing achieved by highly multilingual participants in the local hip hop culture of Cape Town. In globalised societies today previously marginalized speakers are carving out new and innovating spaces to put on display their voices and identities through the creative use of multilingualism.

This book contributes to the development of new conceptual insights and theoretical developments on multilingualism in the global South by applying the notions of stylization, performance, performativity, entextualisation and enregisterment. This takes place through interviews, performance analysis and interactional analysis, showing how young multilingual speakers stage different personae, styles, registers and language varieties. Table of contents and more information available here...>>>